Signoscope T1 Watermark Detector desktop

Signoscope T1 Watermark Detector desktop

Signoscope T1. It is simple, and it works quickly.

Place your stamp into the Signoscope.
If there is a watermark, it will show, even on yellow or orange stamps.

Take your time studying its fascinating contrasts and its many details.
You will discover watermarks which you would have been unable to detect with "yesterday's" methods.

Learn to distinguish paper irregularities, repairs, grills, hinge marks, added margins, etc.
Are there any hidden treasures in your collection?
Operates on optional batteries or AC adapter. Batteries not included.
Incl. 220-230V adapter. One year warranty.

  • Model: T1 SA 9886+9887
  • Brand/Manufactured by: SAFE


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