ESCHENBACH Table Lamp 24 W

ESCHENBACH Table Lamp 24 W

Pivoting table lamp with a 24W fluorescent lamp and integrate metal reflector for a bright and even light. (Color temperature 4500K).
Lighting strength: approx. 1500lx.

Height of min. 32 cm up until max. 52 cm, Length of adaptor cable: 1,6 m. Voltage 230V.

This table lamp not only offers a bright, even lighting but also a very high standard of comfort in its use.
A 24W fluorescent lamp (color temperature 4500 K) and a lampshade with integrated metal reflector create a bright and
even lighting at a strength of approx. 1500lx (in 35 cm distance).
The lampshade can be adjusted flexibly for the individual use - the vertical pivot as well as the axial rotation are each at 45°. The lampshade can be pivoted horizontally at a total of 180°.
Lamp foot not attached in delivery, must be mounted with a screw.
  • Model: 7163
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  • Brand/Manufactured by: Lindner


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