Ranska 2008 1,50e EU Parlamentti 50v hopea proof

Ranska 2008 1,50e EU Parlamentti 50v hopea proof

Euroopan parlamentti 50 vuotisjuhlaraha:

The Europa Mintmark series is a program which is common to European monetary institutes.
This year Monnaie de Paris celebrates the 50th year of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

A map of the European Union, surrounded by stars features on the obverse, with the city of Strasbourg symbolised by the Mintmark logo.
The reverse features a view of the European Parliament from the opposite bank of the Rhine surrounded by green, symbolising the benches of parliament and the text "Le Parlement Européen, 50 ans".
The Mintmark logo affixed to the obverse of this coin endows it with a supplementary value as a collector’s item.

Julkaistu: 2008
Läpimitta: 37 mm.
Metalli: Ag 900
Paino: 22.2g.
Lyöntimäärä: 30 000
Suunnittelija:  Atelier de Gravure
  • Malli: EUR FRA 2008
  • Tuotemerkki: [Euro coins]


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