Malta 2008 10e Auberge de Castille, hopeaa proof

Malta 2008 10e Auberge de Castille, hopeaa proof

Maltan ensimmäinen hopeinen euro-arvoinen juhlaraha:

On the reverse the Portico of the Auberge de Castille is shown. The stately doorway to the Auberge of Castille,
Leon and Portugal is a symbol of the seat of government in Malta as the Auberge now houses the
Prime Minister’s office. This is the largest of all auberges at the time of the Knights (1530-1798).
The building is situated at the highest point of Valletta and was built in 1574.

On the obverse the Coat of Arms of Malta is displayed. Malta’s Coat of Arms is a heraldic representation of  the National flag of Malta.
Above the shield is a mural crown representing the fortifications of Malta and denoting a City-state.
Around the shield is a wreath of two branches, of Olive and Palm, symbols of peace and traditionally associated with Malta.

Julkaistu: 26. elokuuta 2008
Läpimitta: 38.61 mm.
Metalli: Ag 925
Paino: 28.28g.
Lyöntimäärä: 18 000
Suunnittelija: George Stamatopoulos.

  • Malli: EUR MLT 2008
  • Tuotemerkki: [Euro coins]


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