Michel Linnut Eurooppa postimerkkiluettelo 2014

Michel Linnut Eurooppa postimerkkiluettelo 2014

Upea Euroopan linnut Michel luettelo (sisältäen CD version).
Luettelossa Euroopassa julkaistut lintuaiheiset postimerkit.
4Alkuperäinen Michel numerointi.
Pehmeäkantinen, saksan- ja englanninkieliset tekstit sekä tieteelliset nimet.
Perusluettelo + erikseen uutuudet ja lisäykset.

MICHEL Thematic Catalogue: Birds on European Stamps (including CD-ROM)

Addition to all relevant new publications in the package with the basic catalog + Corrections and additions to the basic issue.
New CD with the collection management program MICHELsoft 9 including catalog data
from over 5,000 European brands, more than 3,500 images and about 14,000 fully updated price quotations.

The basic motif-MICHEL catalog covers appeared in Europe Brands to the subject area birds.
Over 3700 different designs, to where over 500 species of birds are pictured, are shown.
These include not only species native to Europe, but even those who live here only in zoos.
Is completed the cataloging tables that the German and the English face name and
the scientific name of a Table, which leads from the scientific name for MICHEL number.

ISBN: 978-3-95402-030-0
  • Malli: S 6092-2014
  • 1 Kpl varastossa
  • Tuotemerkki: Michel


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