North American Coins & Prices 2018

North American Coins & Prices 2018

North American Coins & Prices, A Guide to U.S., Canadian and Mexican Coins
By D.Harper, H.Miller and T.Michael

North American Coins & Prices offers complete listings of U.S. coins from early Colonial issues to modern commemoratives and sets, coins of Mexico from Cob Coinage to modern bullion, and complete listings of Canadian coinage - fully illustrated and offering the most up-to-date pricing in up to 11 grades. No other numismatic book offers all this information under one cover.

    * More than 50,000 listings organized by country, denomination and date
    * U.S. coins from early Colonial times thru the present, Canadian coins from 1858 to the present, and Mexican coinage as early as 1701
    * Up-to-date prices in up to 11 grades of condition for each coin
    * 6000+ b/w photos (reverse and obverse)

The best 3-in-1 coin deal you'll find is right here!

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