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Coin Albums

Coin albums and supplemental pages.
Illustrated albums for the euro coins or use the blank pages to create your own personal collection.

Banknote albums
Banknote albums and album pages for your valuable collection.

Cardboard Coin Holders
A very popular and inexpensive way to protect, store and display your coins collection.
Quality coin holders are the conventional fold and staple or stick cardboard holders which are lined with an polypropylene sheet on both sides.
Store and organize coin holders to the albums or coin boxes for example:
HB 8300 or HB 8200, Multi Collect (MU/MC12 pages) or Karat (K9 pages).
Coin boxes: 2122, 2722, 2122M or 2122C. . HB diameters PDF (print 1:1).
Coin Capsules
Additional protection for all your coins against environmental influences, finger prints, dirt, skin oil, and moisture!
The special scratch-resistant surface offers maximum protection as well as a crystal clear view of the coin.
Over 40 different sizes are available to hold coins from 14 mm up to 50 mm

Coin Boxes, Collection Boxes

Coin boxes and collection boxes for coins, medals, pins and other collectibles.
All Lindner coin and collection storage boxes are stackable forming a drawer system.
Practical accessories that provides a successful and safe storage solution.

Money Collecting Accessories
Money collecting accessories from coin gloves to coin tongs, etc.

Cases and Carrying Cases
The stylish wood cases and displays, small and large cases and carrying cases for coins and medals.
Unused mint Euro-Coins, coinsets, commemorative coins, jubilee coins, collectible coins.

κέρµata eυρώ Euromønter Euro-Münzen Monedas en euros Les pièces en euros Euro coins Monete in euro Euromunten Moedas de euros Euromynt

Flexible Customizable Albums
Albums (loose-leaf albums) especially for collectors who want to store many different items and sizes.
Large selection of albums, pages and pocket variations to accommodate many distinct collectibles: FDC's,
First Day Sheets, se-tenants, coins, bancnotes, sheetlets, booklets, stamps, postcards, year books, duplicates, etc.
Postcard and FDC Albums
Albums to storing your postcards, FDC's, covers or even photographs.
Large FDC's please look HB S-1 and S-2 pages !

Other collector items
Accessories for the other popular collector's items.
Albums and accessories for stock certificates, bottle caps, champagne caps, telephone cards etc..
Stockbooks for Stamps
For simple storage of postage stamps or labels placed in translucent glassine or clear pockets, on pages for easy viewing.
Black or white pages.

Stamp Packets
Postage stamps in country stamp packets, thematic, theme stamp packets, starter packet collections, stamp collections from nearly whole world!
Stamp packets may contain used or unused stamps or usually both.
- See also our stamp related site www.vmstamps.com
Country Stamp Albums & Supplements
Illustrated stamp albums are a fun but also challenging way to collect stamps.
Country collection stamp albums, Lindner-T system albums, Lindner-T illustrated year sets and supplemental pages, Lighthouse...
Lindner T Blank offers you easy method of building a topical collection.

Philatelic Accessories
Everything you need to handle your stamps.
protective stamp mounts and strips, stamp tongs, perforation gauges, stockcards, approval cards and books, UV test lamps, watermark detectors, etc, etc..
Plastic bags, glassine bags, Zip bags.
Useful accessories for collecting and other packing. Plastic zip bags (PE-LD), glassine bags & envelopes, also cutters and staplers.

Protective plastic pockets
Protective plastic covers, sleeves, plastic pockets for postcards, postal history, bills banknotes, photos, phonecards, baseball cards....
Different sleeves in a variety of sizes offer protection for all your collectibles. PDF: muovitaskut.pdf
Labels Stickers Tags
Labels stickers tags, etc

Lindner offers a large selection of magnifiers with and without lamps to match different needs which
can also be a useful tool for the work place, other hobbies and at home.
Books & Catalogs
Collecting literature, books and catalogs. Coin, banknote and stamp catalogs;
Lape, Facit, Norma, Michel, Domfil, Philex, Standard Catalog of World Coins, etc etc.

Office supplies
Office supplies for home and office.
NIMBUS object frames
The frames of the NIMBUS Series offer a completely new way of setting the stage for your collectible items.
The Special feature, of these frames, are two transparent, flexible silicone membranes which surround your exhibition items softly and which create the impression that they levitate inside the frame.
From coins and stamps to writing utensils, watches, knives, decorations, photos, jewellery and other favourite pieces.

Misc products
Misc. products for home or office! Or products not yet categorized...used old products etc.

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