Lindner albums and pages

LINDNER pre-printed country stamp albums are available almost all countries.
LINDNER page set country of your choice + 18-ring binder = illustrated stamp album with mounts.
Or design your own with LINDNER T Blank system.
LINDNER-T ring binders, LINDNER-T illustrated, hingeless country stamp albums, annual supplemental pages, illustrated year page sets, LINDNER T-Blank System- and empty printable pages.  LINDNER Omnia stock pages. ALL compatible.
LINDNER T 18-ring binders exemplify with quality, appearance, and functionality!
Lindner-T Country Stamp Albums
Complete Lindner-T pre-printed, illustrated country stamp albums with mounts.
New supplement pages published annually. Modern Lindner-T system is the best for stamp collecting!
See also page sets for more countries.

Lindner T Country Stamp Album page sets
Illustrated LINDNER-T country stamp albums page sets, always with pockets/mounts. (Binders are sold separately).
Each album page consist of an illustrated page on which a crystal clear special film sleeve is attached on the left side.
If you like, mint and used stamps can be collected in one album. The mint stamps are inserted in the special film sleeve and the used stamps are placed underneath the film sleeve directly onto the illustration with the crystal clear mount.
LINDNER offers a wide selection of almost 150 different countries & territories worldwide! These are pages only, for Lindner binders: 1104, 1124, 1120, 1121.
Lindner T Country Album supplement pages
LINDNER-T country stamp album annual supplemental pages.
Please contact us if you need any other year or need to replace a single damaged page.
LINDNER-T country album pages are also available to order single pages.


Lindner-T Blank System
Collect topicals and countries your way! Design your own layout and create your own collection with that personal touch.
Anything is possible with the LINDNER T-Blank System.
You choose the page to fit your stamps (or any other suitable collectibles) by selecting the pocket sizes.
The number of pockets and the height of the stamps will decide the correct page.
The LINDNER-T Blank System is now available in over 80 different formats.
A LINDNER-T Blank Page can be used over and over again - saving you time and, as importantly, money.
LINDNER-T Blank pages fit to 18-ring binders. (1104).
Normal frame size 189 mm. Page size 272 x 296 mm.
(T-Blanko, T-Blanco)
Lindner Blank Pages
LINDNER blank pages are made of wood-free, high quality PERMAPHIL paper in various designs to fit Lindner 18-ring binders (i.e. model 1104).
The PERMAPHIL paper is completely acid free with a neutral bonding, and therefore made to last generations.
804-serie pages is ideal for use with laser and ink jet printers.

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