Postcard and FDC Albums

Albums to storing your postcards, FDC's, covers or even photographs.
Large FDC's please look HB S-1 and S-2 pages !
Lindner Large XL Postcard Album
This XL Postcard Album holds them all - modern and old postcards. Vertical or horizontal format pages.
Lindner Postcard Album Classic
All postcards are kept safely in crystal clear pockets pages.
The attractive ring binder is made in a practical format
which makes it a pleasure to work with, without getting too heavy or bulky.
Max item size 154 x 108 or 150 x 210 mm.

Lindner Postcard Album Lotus
Affordable, neat postcard album with 4-ring mechanism.
Lindner Postcard/FDC Album Rondo
The LINDNER FDC album Rondo holds small and oversized covers, as well as sheetlets and postcards.
You can choose between two types of crystal clear pages: a double-sided one-pocket page or a double-sided two-pocket page.
Both pages have black inserts inside each pocket which acts as a contrasting background for the items placed into the page.
The ring binder can be ordered either empty or with 10 pages.
By the way: All Multi Collect pages will fit into this ring binder!

Lindner small card and FDC Albums
Padded binder to hold 100 postcard or covers.
Lindner-T postcard and cover album
Lindner-T postcard and cover album based on 18-ring T-binder. Same serie with country albums and T-blank!

Multi-Collect Postcard and FDC Album
This album is especially suitable for collectors who want to store many different items and sizes. Large selection of pages and pocket variations to accommodate many distinct collectibles are available for Multi-Collect
Leuchtturm - Lighthouse Optima Classic
Leuchtturm - Lighthouse Optima Classic binders for FDC or postcards

Plastic pockets, cutters.

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