Other collector items

Accessories for the other popular collector's items.
Albums and accessories for stock certificates, bottle caps, champagne caps, telephone cards etc..
Bottle caps, champagne caps
Binders and collection boxes for the bottle caps and champagne caps.
LP Vinyls
Protective covers for LP vinyls / records.

Phonecards and accessories
A telephone card, calling card or phonecards, used to pay for telephone services instead of coins on publick phones.
PINs, Medals
Collection Boxes for PINs / Medals/ Emblems.
Compatible for stacking with other LINDNER coin- and collection boxes.

Stamp year sets
Binder for  'old style' two-part stamp year sets.
Trading Cards, Labels
Trading Card, Label, Sticker, (Beverage) coaster, etc. storage and presentation supplies.
Perfect solutions for storing and protecting your entire collection of sports-, hockey-, pokemon-, football-, and other trading cards as well as labels, stickers, beer coasters etc..

Stock Share Collecting
Stock Share Collecting.

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