Philatelic Accessories

Everything you need to handle your stamps.
protective stamp mounts and strips, stamp tongs, perforation gauges, stockcards, approval cards and books, UV test lamps, watermark detectors, etc, etc..
Approval Cards and Books
Stamps can be sorted for trading or selling and duplicates are always quickly at hand.
Cutters, staplers
Cutters for the philatelist, photographer and hobbyist...
Stapler for cardboard coinholders, large scale packaging..

Drying Books & Stamp Soaking
Drying books or drying press are the ideal tool for drying stamps that were removed from paper.
Perforation Gauge
For the stamp collector, perforations matter!
Perforation gauges for identification of the perforations of the stamps.

Protective Stamp Mounts and Strips
Hawid, Schaufix, Prinz, Gard, Lindner protective stamp mounts and strips available in black or crystal clear bottom foil. Stamp hinges.
Stripes and cuts are available in many different sizes.
Collect your stamps in illustrated albums or blank albums, stamp mounts and strips are what you need!
Mounts made of 100% polystyrene are well-known to collectors all over the world due to their top quality.
If the mount tube is too large, you may wish to cut it to size. MAKE SURE you are careful not to cut the perforations of your stamp.
Moisten the water-activated adhesive on the backside of the mount without stamps inside. Use as little moisture as possible. Don't apply too much moisture to the mount!
Press the mount firmly into its place in your album.
After dry, insert the stamp in the mount.

Stamp Tongs
Stamps are very sensitive. Never touch stamps with your fingers!
To avoid damage of any kind, it is of utmost importance to handle stamps only with good quality stamp tongs.
They are an indispensable tool for every collector.

Stock Cards, Storage Boxes
A convenient and easy way for dealers and collectors to securely store and/or display their stamps. Our approval / stock cards hold single stamps, pairs, plate blocks etc. and are made of Hard-PVC or cardboard which is 100 % free of any chemical softeners.
UV Test Lamps
The UV lamp will expose false banknotes and show whether the stamp has been printed on normal paper or fluorescent paper.

Watermark Scopes
Reveal watermarks, damage, repair, and thin spots on stamps.

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