Coin Albums

Coin albums and supplemental pages.
Illustrated albums for the euro coins or use the blank pages to create your own personal collection.

Lindner 2 Euro Commemorative
Lindner pre-printed album with colored illustrations chronologically for keeping all 2 Euro commemorative coins.
Lindner Euro Album 1108
Illustrated LINDNER Euro Album for euro coin sets 1c-2e. Based on the Karat-system and page size.

Lindner Euro Collection 8450
Lindner Euro-Collection ring binder for national Euro coin sets 1c-2e.
Album with illustrated pages including pictures and descriptions of the Euro coins and countries.
Any Lindner 8450 and Karat empty pages can added to album.
Lindner Karat Coin-Album and pages
Lindner Karat albums and pages are easy and professional solution for coins.
Coins are inserted into plastic strips, which then slide into the appropriate page.
Nothing will move or fall out and coins can be easily shown, added or exchanged.

Lindner Karat Euro Album
Lindner offers solutions for eurocoins.
Blue ring binder has a padded cover and is made from a high quality materials.
Karat K8 crystal clear pages holding 3 euro coin sets each. The euro coin values are printed on backing page.
Lindner Multi Collect Coin Album
Even the coin / money collector can share the benefits of the Multi-Collect album.
The 4-ring mechanism guarantees easy handling and the binder is impressive with a large capacity.

Lindner Penny Coin Album
Attractive presentation, complete protection and practicality: coin album Penny is a favorite among coin collectors!
Each album is finely crafted for a lifetime of pleasure.
Hartberger 8200+ Binders and Pages
Hartberger small model (235 x 235 mm) coin holder album.

Hartberger 8300+ Binders and Pages
Large Hartberger coin & paper money album. A4 size 280 x 310 mm. Pages for coin holders and banknotes and also for other collection items.
Hartberger EURO pages (lot)
Pages for euro coins annually suitable for the Hartberger 8300 folder. Limited amount in stock.

Small Coin Albums
Pocket size albums and other small money albums for example single complete euro coin sets.

German Federal States 2e album
Illustrated Album for German 2 Euro commemorative coins buildings serie German Federal States.

USA Collectible Coin Albums
Coin albums for the USA collectible coins.
Leuchtturm - Lighthouse Optima for coins
Leuchtturm / Lighthouse Optima binders and pages for coins.

Leuchtturm / Lighthouse Vista Coin Album
Leuchtturm / Lighthouse Vista collector’s albums and supplemenal pages for euro coins.

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