Books & Catalogs

Collecting literature, books and catalogs. Coin, banknote and stamp catalogs;
Lape, Facit, Norma, Michel, Domfil, Philex, Standard Catalog of World Coins, etc etc.
Coin & Money Catalogues
Coin- and paper money value catalogs and books.
Facit Postage Stamp Catalogue
Facit Scandanavian special stamp catalog with color images.
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, DWI, Faroes, Aland.

LAPE Postage Stamp Catalogue
LAPE Finland Aland and Estonian postage stamp catalogue.

Michel Europa stamp catalogues
Michel European countries postage stamp catalogues.

Michel Overseas Postage Stamp Catalogs
Michel stamp catalogues lists additional supporting details about the stamps, such as dates of issue, color variations, price lists, and so forth.
Some of the catalogs are not published / issued of each year.
(European countries have own category)
Norma Postage Stamp Catalogue
Norma Finland & Aland stamp catalogue.

Philex Postage Stamp Catalogs
Philex compact format basic stamp catalogs published by Verlag Jürgen Ehrlich in Köln, Germany.
Philex uses Michel numbering. Catalogues language is german.
Old Catalogues
Old or clearance sale catalogues.

Philatelic Books, Guides & others
New and older philatelic literature and other stamp catalogs.
Themathic, Theme Catalogs
Theme stamp catalogues, cats, dogs, birds, cars, flowers, railways, CEPT, Domfil, Michel ..

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