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"... Stamps are miniature works of art. With words and tiny pictures, they record the history and the technological
progress of mankind. Stamps offer a fascinating look into the cultures of the past and present."


General images are displayed without the cancellation, until otherwise indicated.
Please note the condition with o = cancelled, ~ = wave/machine cancelled, ** =  Mint, never used, MNH, * Mint hinged (or marks by hinge or something else), etc. Product info  Shipping  Search ID +number = authentic image
Postage Stamps Stamp Briefmarken Bélyegek Estampillas Postmargid 郵便切手 stamps Frimärken Stamps

Finland postage stamps, first day covers, year sets
Aland postage stamps. Äland frimärken.
Nordic, Scandinavian countries postage stamps
Postage stamps from European countries.
Russia and Soviet Union postage stamps
Postage stamps from African countries.
Asia & Middle East countries postage stamps
Australian and oceanian countries postage stamps
Caribbean Area countries postage stamps
Central and North American countries postage stamps.
South-American countries postage stamps
United Nations stamps are used on UN official mail.
Postage stamps in country stamp packets, thematic, theme stamp packets, starter packet collections, stamp collections from nearly whole world!
Stamp packets may contain used or unused stamps or usually both.
Topical, theme postage stamps, cancelled sets.
Topical or thematic stamp collecting is the collecting postage stamps relating to a particular subject or concept.
There is more! Please note also the quick theme search menu on the side.
Kiloware, postage stamps on paper. Used stamps on paper are available our another shop (stamp packets) .
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