Pingo Phone Card

Pingo pre-paid calling card


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The quick and easy way to big savings.

Why do our customers love Pingo?

In short, Pingo is the best choice for long distance and international calling. We offer high quality, low cost service to more than 200 countries. Plus, Pingo customers can access the service and save on their calls from more than 40 countries. Pingo is easy to use and doesn't require customers to purchase any new equipment or change phone companies. We offer great rates for international calls, including calls from mobile phones. In fact, PingoMobile routinely saves customers 90% or more on international calls from mobile phones, even compared to international cellular plans. Great savings and great service, who wouldn't love that?

Easy to Use. Easy to Love.Pingo phone card

Pingo is easy to use because we let our customers bypass entering a PIN from the 10 home, business, and mobile phones they use most.

We let our customers set their own account number and choose their own PIN, so both are easy to remember.

Pingo RateWatcherâ„¢ is always working on behalf of our customers to find ways to reduce our costs and pass the savings on. We strive to deliver the lowest international and long distance rates so that Pingo is the last calling card our customers will ever need.

Our cards are easy to recharge. Customers can sign up for automatic recharge service so that they will never be cut off due to insufficient funds.

Our customers can manage their Pingo accounts on-line with easy access to all call history and billing history.
Pingo international calling cards have no additional fees-just a 98 cents per month account maintenance fee.

Using Pingo does not require the purchase of any additional equipment.

When you use Pingo, you don't have to change your phone company or your mobile carrier.


To sign up for your Pingo phone card:
  Create your account number. This can be your home phone, or any other 10-digit number you choose.
  Create your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN). This is your secret number that gives only you access to your Pingo phone card account.
  Enter up to 10 personal PINpass phone numbers - your home phone, office phone, mobile phone - whatever phones you frequently use. When you dial either a local or toll-free Pingo access number from these phones, Pingo will recognize you, and you will not be required to enter a PIN to make a call.
  Enter your billing information.
  Get $5,00 USD of free calling when you open a $20, CAD 20, £10 or €20 Pingo account - and start calling and saving!



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